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Marc Dilley (marcdilley)
Tarih2017-11-22 14:06:07
Kategori Manzara / Landscape
Doğa / Nature
Gece / Night
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Blood Moon over Hook Creek

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The scenario is the top of Hook Creek with the Sleeping Lady, Blockhouse and all that good stuff. I dragged Reed Carlson up the Duty Dome trail by headlamp to a cozy little spot on top of the Snaakes! climbing crag. We set up our cameras and shot the moon every 8 minutes all night until 3:00 AM. A pretty stiff wind kept us awake while beers and brandy kept us comfortable. There were considerable cloud issues, and many of the scheduled exposures were partially or completely blocked by fast moving clouds as they cut off from a bank of storm clouds rolling over Stevens Pass and spitting scattered drops on us.
Because some of the exposure intervals were just plain missing, I had to fill in the blank spots with the nearest full exposure, and move that Moon into place. Due to the huge number of Moon layers in the Master Photoshop Moon file, it was 1.42 Giga bytes. That's not even counting the sky and land portions of the final image which I worked in a separate file.
Additionally, the entire Moon arch actually peaked about 10 degrees more to the East (to the left), but since the clouds were moving rapidly the entire night, and I had to move different moon exposures back and forth in Photoshop to make the arch complete, I did not feel compelled to stick the Moon arch more to the left where it would have been hidden by this, the most poignant formation of the evening, or use one of the earlier less interesting skies.

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